Top 10 TV Kisses (in my humble opinion) *SPOILER ALERT

As a Pop-Culture/Entertainment enthusiast, I often see (esp on the website) list of the top # of whatever for whatever….so I’ve decided to do my TOP TEN Lists, starting with TV kisses. In no particular order, my choices (and the clips). Some make me happy, some are just sexy…AND some make me cry-

Ross and Rachel, “Friends”, ep: “The One Where Ross Finds Out”.  You rooted for Ross, then for Rachel. Then, you think they’re just not meant to be, after he tells her she was too late. But the sight of him at the door, in the rain, literally taking her breath away…if only they hadn’t gone on “a break”…

Buffy and Angel, “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”, ep: “Becoming, Part 2”. Buffy realizes that Willow’s spell to give Angel back his soul has worked, and they can be together. Yeah, for like a second. But still, what a kiss. (it’s about 7 min in…)

Robin and Marian, “Robin Hood”, ep: “A Clue? No”. All season their chemistry built, but she was promised to Guy of Gisbourne, and trying to save Robin, the outlaw. But after realizing that she didn’t have to go through with wedding because Gisbourne had lied, we finally got a season long pay-off.

Cassie and Azazeal, “Hex”, ep: “Possession”. I fell in love with Michael Fassbender long before he was becoming famous for being fully naked, by watching this BBC show, which, like “Robin Hood”, most people in the USA hadn’t heard of. Azazeal was BAD NEWS (he’d even killed her best friend), and even though he’d put a spell on her, this scene was just beyond sexy.

Damon and Elena, “The Vampire Diaries”, ep: “Heart of Darkness”. OK, we waited three seasons for this- A REAL, full-on (not because Damon was “dying”) kiss. And it SO paid off. Til stupid Jeremy had to ruin the moment. Cock block! The on-screen chemistry between this real-life couple puts the on-screen chemistry of Elena and Stefan to shame. TEAM DAMON!

Eric and Sookie, “True Blood”, ep: “I Wish I Were the Moon Tonight”. Minus his horrible outfit of gym shorts and a sleeveless hoodie (which was worn for about 3 episodes), Eric coming to Sookie after Bill frees him (out of his own love for Sookie and her happiness) stops your heart. And then we see Alexander Skarsgaard naked and out of that outfit- FINALLY, so SCORE!

Jim and Pam, “The Office”, ep: “Casino Night”. You thought Jim had given up, after Pam rejected his “I love you”. You want to cry, as you see him tearing up. And then, through the eyes of the camera crew, you watch as he makes his move, and all is right, right then. Because you know she was telling her mom that she loved him.

Sawyer and Kate, “Lost”, ep: “I Do”. So hot! I was (til the end) a Kate/Sawyer fan, not a Kate/Jack fan. When Kate realizes Sawyer didn’t tell her that they were trapped, so that she still had hope, you see all of the tension and feelings and pent-up frustration at their situation just come out. In a cage. Sigh.

Veronica and Logan, “Veronica Mars”, ep: “Weapons of Class Destruction”. I remember watching this series right from the start, and slowly starting to like Logan, little by little. When he goes to save Veronica, thinking she’s being abducted, and she responds by kissing him- thereby confusing HERSELF, it only makes it that much more awesome when he grabs her and REALLY kisses her. I wasn’t expecting this, and I rewatched it about 20x that night. The song that plays is “Momentary Thing”, by Something Happens.

Chuck and Blair, “Gossip Girl”, ep: “War at the Roses”. Chuck and Blair had already been there, done that a bunch of times. But it was the fact that they had been so consumed in destroying each other, so as not to deal with their pain, that just lights this kiss on fire.

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