Top 10 “I Dare You NOT to Cry” TV Moments (in my humble opinion) *SPOILER ALERTS

This is the second of my self-imposed TOP TEN Lists, which I started with TV kisses. Now, of course, it’s time to depress myself and delve into the Top 10 “I Dare You NOT to Cry” TV moments. In no particular order, my choices (and the clips). Get a tissue (or a box)…

Alaric’s “Death”, “The Vampire Diaries”, ep: “Do Not Go Softly”. The scene outside of the tomb was too much for me. I sobbed like a giant baby. For a good hour. After it was over. The Fray’s “Be Still” is hauntingly appropriate.

Buffy has to kill Angel, “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”, ep: “Becoming, Part 2″ * I used this as one of my top kisses, but what follows, Buffy’s realization that she must killing Angel to stop the porthole from opening, and the aftershock reduces me to tears every time. Just watch, as Sarah McLaughlin’s “Full of Grace” plays. (it’s about 7 min in…)

Guy of Gisbourne kills Marian, “Robin Hood”, ep: “A Good Day to Die/We Are Robin Hood”. I was in disbelief that they killed her off, and refused to believe it until the next season. She was one of my favorite characters, ever, and her deathbed wedding just breaks my heart.

Charlie dies, “LOST”, ep: “Through the Looking Glass”. There were A LOT of deaths on “LOST” over it’s 6 season run. Boone’s was the first where you realized no one, not even a main character, was safe. But, Desmond kept telling Charlie he saw visions of his death. I figured they played it up too much to actually do it. Still, Charlie sacrifices himself to blow up one of the Dharma Stations, and gives Desmond one final message, ‘NOT PENNYS BOAT’.  When he does the sign of the cross before drowning- KILLER.

Denny dies, “Grey’s Anatomy”, ep: “Losing My Reigion”. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, or of Izzie. I stopped watching completely by the 4th season. But Izzie’s realization that Denny is really gone after Alex tells her “It’s not Denny, not anymore”, is searing.

Dr. Greene dies, “ER”, ep: “On the Beach”. I would watch this show periodically, but what always reminds me of this episode is the sound of my sister in her room when she was like 15, unbeknownst to us watching it, and loudly, hysterically sobbing. We thought her boyfriend had broken up with her. The funeral scene, with the old colleagues and the current, is touching.

Desmond contacts Penny, “LOST”, ep: “The Constant”. I know this is my second ‘LOST’ choice, but this whole scene is just amazing, and I cry every time .

Agent Emily Prentiss “dies”, “Criminal Minds”, ep: “Lauren”. For a show that deals in death, this was the first member of the team to “die” (though, of course, she didn’t, but only Hotch and JJ knew that)- the look on the face of the team when they (don’t even have to) hear the news, clinched it.

Logan tells Veronica how they were supposed to be “epic”, “Veronica Mars”, ep: “Look Who’s Stalking”. This is one of my absolute favorite TV quotes, from one of my absolute favorite TV characters. I always had a thing for tortured guys.

Buffy promises not to forget, “Angel”, ep: “I Will Remember You”. Angel is turned back to a human, but loses his ability to save others- so he sacrifices what could have been with Buffy- knowing that she’ll have no memory of it. Only he will.

***Addendum- as this was written before the latest TV season began (2012-2013), I will be adding to this:

Damon talks to Alaric’s grave, “the Vampire Diaries”, ep: “Memorial”. The vampire that never cares, that lost his best friend (who he also killed a bunch of times)- Ric was Damon’s heterolifemate. I’m still pissed about last season. But listening to Damon’s monologue as he’s holding back tears just broke my heart.

Lady Sybil Branson (nee Crawley) dies after delivering a baby girl, in “Downton Abbey”, ep: “Series 3; episode 5”. She is supposedly “cleared” of all “complications”- then, she begins seizing in the middle of the night, and dies of Eclampsia at 24 years old, leaving her whole family, the servants, and her ex-chauffer hubby, Tom, wrecked. I dare you not to bawl.

Opie sacrifices himself for Jax, Tig, and Chibs after one of them is forced to fight to the death on “Sons of Anarchy”, ep: “Laying Pipe”. The funeral itself was a sobfest, but watching the SOA seeing the brother killed before their eyes, powerless to stop it- gutwrenching. “I got this”- Opie.


Gary Time (Don’t Let it End)

Attention:  MTV, and the creators of ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’:

I have a message, and I need to be heard. Actually “we” have a message. And by “we”, I mean the legions of fans that are coming to terms with the fact that the original ‘Teen Mom’ series is ending. This last and final season has already been filmed, and although we can read about these mom’s exploits in future tabloids or US Weekly, I’m sure, there is one thing that I cannot accept. The end of ‘Teen Mom’ means that the greatness that is Gary Shirley will no longer grace my TV. No longer will we get to watch him stand idly by as Amber calls him names and verbally (and physically) abuses him. Luckily, Amber (whose stint in rehab REALLY did her well, since she is now serving 5 years in jail) is no longer a problem for Gary- at least not until she gets out of jail. But those of us that are loyal Gary-timers want to follow our favorite XXXXXXL Former-Teen Dad as he attempts to raise his daughter alone (which, he basically does already- or hands her off to his mom). We want to see more of his attractive family, like his step-dad.  For the love of Gary, give him his own show. You know he could use the money, cause, let’s be honest, what kind of job is he going to get? Although, he IS a talented guitar player/singer (see his video of “Amazed”, the Lonestar song), so maybe he could pursue a career in music. Basically, Gary is staple of television viewing. We saw him during Amber’s ’16 & Pregnant’ episode, where he bought a $300 PlayStation, even though he was an expectant father with little income.  We saw him get kicked down the stairs (“Watch your step!”) by Amber, while he was carrying a TV. We saw him buy an engagement ring for $20 at Wal-Mart, and ask about the return policy. We saw him question his relationship with Amber after meeting a single mom in the diaper section of Wal-Mart. (Maybe he could work at Wal-Mart). No other Teen Mom/Dad has had their own line of T-shirts. Gary does! You can’t just take Gary away from us. It would be leaving a Gary-sized (and that is BIG) hole in the hearts of women everywhere. Please, just think about it- I’m not ready for Gary time to end.

Dear Charlaine Harris (and whoever is penning for Lilian Jackson Braun)…

I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire Mysteries” book series aka “The Sookie Stackhouse Novels” aka the “True Blood” Books.  I started reading them in April of 2010, after learning that “True Blood”, the TV show, was based on the books (though it only uses certain elements/characters- it really is two separate entities). I just finished the most recent novel (Deadlocked), and I was fairly underwhelmed. I felt that way about the previous one (Dead Reckoning), too. I read the first 9  books within a month, because they were already out when I was beginning to read them. However once I was caught up, she only releases one new Sookie novel a year, so I have to wait. So, I don’t know if it’s because I’m reading it, as the season of “True Blood” is currently airing (even though, as previously stated, they are vastly different). Maybe it’s just TOO MUCH “True Blood” at the moment. I know Charlaine Harris doesn’t have a ghostwriter, which a lot of series end up having, but I know that there is only one book left in the series (to be published in 2013). It almost seems like the mysteries are getting to be too easily solved and just written off, and that the characters are just not as entertaining as they once were. I am hoping that the final book ties the world of Bon Temps up in a nice little finalized bow, that leaves fans satisfied. Regardless, the TV show is awesome on its own level. I think I should reread the books before the final one comes out, and maybe if I read them ALL in succession- not 9 in a month…then one a year… maybe I’ll see it differently. I own the short story collections, and the official companion to the series, as well. I love these books, so I hate feeling disappointed. This shouldn’t be a giant crisis for me, but I was a huge fan of Lilian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who…” mystery series. These books I started reading in 8th grade, and continued into my 20’s. However (I later found out it was being ghost written under Ms. Braun’s name because she was too old to continue writing them, although she was the original author and creator), the more recent books in the series were insanely underwhelming, and as much as I wanted to enjoy them, I didn’t. The last book that was published was almost a slap in the face to long-time readers as certain characters were callously dismissed and the beloved main character, Qwill, was barely the same person I had grown to adore (I even had Tom Selleck pictured in my mind as Qwill, if a movie was ever made). To make matters worse, no other books have been published in this series- so if the last book was IT, I feel that long time fans were gypped. I own every companion book to this series, as well, and it was a big part of my teenage/adult life, as far as books go. I would hate to see the same thing happen with Charlaine Harris’ series. Maybe after writing so many books, the author’s run out of ideas, or simply crank out books to fulfill their contractual obligations. But, please think of the fans that have grown to love the characters and the world you have created, and do right by us. Books are a wonderful escape, and the excitement of knowing that a new one is coming out, and is going to bring you back again to visit that other world is a thrill. Don’t let the fans down. I know no true fan will ever be totally satisfied, but at least give it the love that the audience deserves. We can feel when you put your heart in to it.


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