Dear Charlaine Harris (and whoever is penning for Lilian Jackson Braun)…

I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire Mysteries” book series aka “The Sookie Stackhouse Novels” aka the “True Blood” Books.  I started reading them in April of 2010, after learning that “True Blood”, the TV show, was based on the books (though it only uses certain elements/characters- it really is two separate entities). I just finished the most recent novel (Deadlocked), and I was fairly underwhelmed. I felt that way about the previous one (Dead Reckoning), too. I read the first 9  books within a month, because they were already out when I was beginning to read them. However once I was caught up, she only releases one new Sookie novel a year, so I have to wait. So, I don’t know if it’s because I’m reading it, as the season of “True Blood” is currently airing (even though, as previously stated, they are vastly different). Maybe it’s just TOO MUCH “True Blood” at the moment. I know Charlaine Harris doesn’t have a ghostwriter, which a lot of series end up having, but I know that there is only one book left in the series (to be published in 2013). It almost seems like the mysteries are getting to be too easily solved and just written off, and that the characters are just not as entertaining as they once were. I am hoping that the final book ties the world of Bon Temps up in a nice little finalized bow, that leaves fans satisfied. Regardless, the TV show is awesome on its own level. I think I should reread the books before the final one comes out, and maybe if I read them ALL in succession- not 9 in a month…then one a year… maybe I’ll see it differently. I own the short story collections, and the official companion to the series, as well. I love these books, so I hate feeling disappointed. This shouldn’t be a giant crisis for me, but I was a huge fan of Lilian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who…” mystery series. These books I started reading in 8th grade, and continued into my 20’s. However (I later found out it was being ghost written under Ms. Braun’s name because she was too old to continue writing them, although she was the original author and creator), the more recent books in the series were insanely underwhelming, and as much as I wanted to enjoy them, I didn’t. The last book that was published was almost a slap in the face to long-time readers as certain characters were callously dismissed and the beloved main character, Qwill, was barely the same person I had grown to adore (I even had Tom Selleck pictured in my mind as Qwill, if a movie was ever made). To make matters worse, no other books have been published in this series- so if the last book was IT, I feel that long time fans were gypped. I own every companion book to this series, as well, and it was a big part of my teenage/adult life, as far as books go. I would hate to see the same thing happen with Charlaine Harris’ series. Maybe after writing so many books, the author’s run out of ideas, or simply crank out books to fulfill their contractual obligations. But, please think of the fans that have grown to love the characters and the world you have created, and do right by us. Books are a wonderful escape, and the excitement of knowing that a new one is coming out, and is going to bring you back again to visit that other world is a thrill. Don’t let the fans down. I know no true fan will ever be totally satisfied, but at least give it the love that the audience deserves. We can feel when you put your heart in to it.


Just incase anyone that reads this blog is interested:

“Southern Vampire Mysteries” series:

“The Cat Who…” series:

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