Gary Time (Don’t Let it End)

Attention:  MTV, and the creators of ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’:

I have a message, and I need to be heard. Actually “we” have a message. And by “we”, I mean the legions of fans that are coming to terms with the fact that the original ‘Teen Mom’ series is ending. This last and final season has already been filmed, and although we can read about these mom’s exploits in future tabloids or US Weekly, I’m sure, there is one thing that I cannot accept. The end of ‘Teen Mom’ means that the greatness that is Gary Shirley will no longer grace my TV. No longer will we get to watch him stand idly by as Amber calls him names and verbally (and physically) abuses him. Luckily, Amber (whose stint in rehab REALLY did her well, since she is now serving 5 years in jail) is no longer a problem for Gary- at least not until she gets out of jail. But those of us that are loyal Gary-timers want to follow our favorite XXXXXXL Former-Teen Dad as he attempts to raise his daughter alone (which, he basically does already- or hands her off to his mom). We want to see more of his attractive family, like his step-dad.  For the love of Gary, give him his own show. You know he could use the money, cause, let’s be honest, what kind of job is he going to get? Although, he IS a talented guitar player/singer (see his video of “Amazed”, the Lonestar song), so maybe he could pursue a career in music. Basically, Gary is staple of television viewing. We saw him during Amber’s ’16 & Pregnant’ episode, where he bought a $300 PlayStation, even though he was an expectant father with little income.  We saw him get kicked down the stairs (“Watch your step!”) by Amber, while he was carrying a TV. We saw him buy an engagement ring for $20 at Wal-Mart, and ask about the return policy. We saw him question his relationship with Amber after meeting a single mom in the diaper section of Wal-Mart. (Maybe he could work at Wal-Mart). No other Teen Mom/Dad has had their own line of T-shirts. Gary does! You can’t just take Gary away from us. It would be leaving a Gary-sized (and that is BIG) hole in the hearts of women everywhere. Please, just think about it- I’m not ready for Gary time to end.

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  1. Gary-lover

     /  August 13, 2012

    Gary does have a job, he is the star of Teen Mom! How do you think he could afford to drop $5,000 at a strip club or rent a home in the burbs of Indiana!


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