If I had a style (or just a reason not to live in tees and pj pants)…


So, I’ve always liked things (fashions/bags/earrings) that are not exactly “boring”. I tend to (even when I’m not feeling fat and frumpy) just dress with whatever I can afford, and if I’m not working, and as a severe T-shirt enthusiast, I wear for comfort, not for style. But, when I start to go on all of these websites, and make wish lists (or add to Pinterest), I realize that I really do have a slightly off-beat sense of style- and if I COULD afford it, I might be ABLE to make it work. I have decided that the style I admire most, or would like to emulate aspects of, is Kirsten Vangness, aka Penelope Garcia on ‘Criminal Minds’. I’m fairly certain she brings her own sense of style to the character, as evidenced by photos of her on the red carpet, or other events. She’s not your typical thin starlet, she carries herself well, though, and I admire her wacky fashion sense and the way she confidently wears it. I’m not saying I would go for EVERYTHING, but I’d like to use her as some kind of template….30 is fast approaching. I know what I’d like to wear, and that I could pull certain things off…it just comes to me not being able to justify wearing anything other than pj’s or spend $ on clothes when I have no job. But, maybe one day….

I ♥ Garcia! (PS- had no idea Kirsten Vangness was a lesbian. I kinda wanted her with Shemar Moore in real life!)


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